Automotive related industries are highly competitive. Auto dealers, muffler shops and brake specialists must provide top-notch service and quality products to distinguish themselves from their large number of competitors — both large national chains and independently owned and operated businesses. Additionally, they must provide consistent service across all locations to ensure customers are receiving the same quality service as directed by the corporate office. The challenge these companies face is how to monitor objectively the customer experience to generate positive word-of-mouth advertising to build customer loyalty.

Project Overview

A large tire dealer retail chain turned to Direct Opinions to help them gauge customer satisfaction following the servicing of their vehicle. Telephone surveys are used as the method for gathering customer feedback. Phone surveys offer a great deal of flexibility by allowing interaction and exchange between interviewer and respondents. For this reason, phone surveys are effective for gathering data and in-depth insights especially when working to understand customer needs and defining the attributes that comprise overall value and customer satisfaction. When surveying a large customer base, phone surveys allow for control of sample quotas on a randomized basis, therefore a representative number of surveys are completed each month for each location.


Issues uncovered during the survey process are immediately escalated for review and follow-up through our online reporting tool. The online reporting tool was branded with the client’s corporate colors/logo, and offered a number of benefits, including the ability to review individual survey responses on demand, a dashboard view that allows management to assess satisfaction metric with monthly and quarterly scoring comparisons, reports that can be filtered by product or brand type, and concern alert resolution tracking for customers that expressed issues.