To ensure that their organization provides a world-class experience for their event participants, this conference management services organization conducts post-event surveys to measure Guest Satisfaction. The goal is to ensure Guest Satisfaction, utilize feedback to improve events and create positive word-of-mouth marketing and referrals for future events.

Project Overview

Direct Opinions follows up with event participants by phone to ensure their satisfaction with the event. Phone surveys are utilized for the initiative as they provide greater flexibility by allowing more in-depth interaction and exchange between the interviewer and respondents. This is important when defining the attributes that comprise overall value and customer satisfaction from event participants. When gathering this type of feedback, it is important to reach as many people as possible and phone surveys provide significantly higher response rates over mail and email surveys.


Results from the survey are utilized to evaluate satisfaction with the registration process along with the specific accommodations such as food and beverage and room quality. Most critical to the success of any event is the quality of the speakers and content of the presentations as well as the treatment of the guest by the staff working the event. These are key points that will generate either positive or negative word-of-mouth marketing, therefore merit a response. The survey also provides an opportunity to gauge the probability of attending future events and gather fresh ideas for topics of interest or event improvements.