A physician practice management group that wants to maintain its’ focus on providing highly competent patient care retained Direct Opinions to gather information about their patients’ attitudes, perceptions and experience in order to help the organization to maintain quality and continue its pattern of growth.

Project Overview

The primary goal of conducting a Physician Satisfaction survey is to gather patients’ opinions about their healthcare experience in an effort to strengthen the quality of physician services and improve the level of care received. Direct Opinions conducts phone-based Physician Satisfaction surveys on a monthly basis with a representative number of patients for each physician.


The survey focuses on measuring patient satisfaction with the physician but also identifies perceived strengths and weaknesses in the overall patient experience. The survey analyzes demographic and classification data to better understand the variances in needs and attitudes among the various patients. Results from the survey are utilized to ensure that the group is aligned with the most effective physicians possible and to drive immediate and long-term plans and initiatives for making positive change and leveraging the organization’s strengths. The results of the study also provide ongoing tracking measurement to gain insight into the marketplace as the economy, organization and patient needs evolve.