A major healthcare organization that is committed to fostering an environment for patient satisfaction retained Direct Opinions to create a survey process allowing all staff members to provide feedback regarding their perception of other staff members’ performance. This organization recognizes that patient satisfaction begins with Healthcare Employee Satisfaction.

Project Overview

The Healthcare Employee Satisfaction program is intended to capture perspectives on staff’s behaviors as they relate to the desired culture for patient interactions as established by the healthcare organization. To accomplish this, Direct Opinions developed an online survey process enabling the staff to complete a confidential survey through a secure online link twice a year. The results of the surveys are uploaded into our online reporting tool for management review with the creation of analytic summary of survey results on a per staff basis. The system provides notification to those chosen to provide survey feedback by a specific date, and provides reminder notifications to those that have not yet provided feedback by the requested date.


The results of this survey initiative are intended to identify areas for professional training and development within the department. Recognition will be given for those exhibiting behaviors that support the desired culture and the creation of development plans are developed for those staff members that have opportunities for growth in desired behaviors.