A major healthcare facility was interested in conducting a Healthcare Community Awareness study to assess the likelihood and willingness of consumers to travel from one city to another for a specialized surgical procedure. In addition, the healthcare facility wished to inquire about previous travel for health care, the impact of insurance on travel, and factors that would entice the respondent to travel.

Project Overview

Direct Opinions conducted a total of 200 telephone interviews with those who reside within 15 miles of the targeted city. The consumers surveyed were from the population at large and a range of ages with 50-60% of the sample in the 45+ age group. Respondents were screened for health insurance coverage, and for a household income of at least $40,000. The sample also contained a random mix of the healthcare facility’s patients and non-patients. Respondents were screened to include only those that have had this or a similar condition in the past. Additionally, information was gathered from respondents that have had past experiences with similar surgeries.


To understand what influences one’s willingness to travel for a healthcare procedure, information was gathered in the survey that included an identification of which hospital would be their first choice for this procedure and a recall of cities in which they have received health care treatment. To predict future behavior better, respondents were asked to recall the hospitals they have been treated at in the past two years – for any visit or procedure. In addition, respondents were asked to rate their perception of the quality of specific care for a number of hospitals. Respondents were asked how willing they would be to travel to various cities if their doctor recommended a surgery out of town.