For a large dental practice, Direct Opinions conducts ongoing post-visit surveys to evaluate patient satisfaction for their 150+ locations. These Patient Satisfaction surveys are valuable tools for healthcare providers. By capturing accurate, measurable data, Patient Satisfaction surveys can help assess the quality of your care and service from your patients’ viewpoint. In today’s competitive healthcare environment, a patient-centered approach like this demonstrates that you care and are looking for ways to improve your service.

Project Overview

Direct Opinions conducts a representative number of surveys per location on a monthly basis. The survey identifies drivers of loyalty and evaluates satisfaction with key patient touch-points. The survey also captures verbatim comments that provide in-depth patient feedback. To report the survey information to this customer, Direct Opinions’ developed an online reporting tool that features a secure website with password-protected access. The site is customized with corporate logo and colors and includes a dashboard for overall trend reporting, tiered log-ins to facilitate permissions-based access to survey results, and the ability to create reports using data filters such as location, district, region, etc. The Concern Alert module delivers a closed-loop system for the escalation of patient concerns.


The results of this on-going Patient Satisfaction survey initiative provide information that helps the organization identify actionable changes that will have the most positive impact on loyalty and satisfaction amongst patients. This initiative provides the management team with vital information that can drive immediate and long-term plans and initiatives for making positive change, leveraging the organization’s strengths and building long-term value to support growth. The results of the survey initiative serve as an ongoing tracking measurement that delivers insights as the economy, the organization and patient needs evolve.