Very few companies can achieve or sustain high customer loyalty without loyal, engaged employees. Engaged employees are enthusiastic about their work and their company, and their enthusiasm is contagious. Direct Opinions has been conducting an NPS® (Net Promoter Score) survey for this healthcare organization for the last several years. The time was right to conduct an employee satisfaction survey to determine the correlation between its’ NPS® and eNPS® results. The Net Promoter Score is based on the fundamental perspective that every company’s customers can be divided into three categories: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. By asking one simple question — “How likely is it that you would recommend [company] to a friend or colleague?” — you can track these groups and get a clear measure of your company’s performance through your customers’ eyes. Additionally, you can determine the level of satisfaction and loyalty of your employees by asking the eNPS® question: “How likely is it that you would recommend [company] to a friend or colleague as a place to work?” The eNPS® Study will deliver insight to the employee experience and examine the impact of employee loyalty as it relates to customer loyalty.

Project Overview

Web surveys were utilized to gather employee feedback from their 2,500+ employees, including approximately 300 doctors. Anonymity is assured through this methodology to elicit candid, honest feedback. Direct Opinions worked collaboratively with the client to develop the survey which included a set of approximately 50 core questions, and an additional set of 10 questions exclusively for doctors.


Participation rates of approximately 90% ensure a sampling that is reliable and actionable to drive operational excellence throughout the organization. The results of this study provided the client with vital information for the organization as well as an individualized focus of insights for each office location. In addition to eNPS® scoring, the study measured employee satisfaction with elements such as work environment, morale, leadership, management, communication, benefits and compensation, and advancement opportunities. Direct Opinions provided an assessment of the corporate culture along with perceived organizational strengths and weaknesses and examined the linkage between employee and customer Net Promoter Scoring. Managers utilized this information to drive immediate and long-term initiatives for making positive change, leveraging strengths and building long-term value to support growth within the organization.