During our Direct Opinions’ discovery call with this manufacturer, the client executives wanted to understand how their team members felt their customers perceived the level of service they were receiving– essentially “putting the employees in their customers’ shoes.”

Project Overview

As part of the annual customer satisfaction initiative, Direct Opinions surveyed the employees of two service and support teams within the manufacturing company to complete the customer satisfaction survey as if they were answering from the perspective of their customers.


The results demonstrated that there was an obvious disconnect between the two service teams; they did not perceive that their counterparts on opposite teams were as engaged as they should be and not providing good customer support. This resulted in a disconnect and some internal friction. The reality was that, based upon the actual customer satisfaction results, their customers were more highly satisfied than the teams perceived they would be. As a result, the company focused on better sharing of overall business results including additional KPIs to provide a more thorough picture of business results. They also initiated activities to have the business teams’ work together more closely so that an awareness and appreciation for the other group could be formed thus helping build cooperation and collaboration and improve employee engagement. This, of course, leads to providing a better overall customer experience.