This major technology organization maintains more than 100 software applications that are critical in assisting their employees with successfully executing their jobs every day. On an annual basis, they evaluate the functionality and usability of the tools. This survey effort was initially being conducted internally but the process was determined to be cumbersome and the information was not being analyzed or utilized to the fullest extent, and as a result, the organization reached out to Direct Opinions for survey development, data collection and more in depth analysis to provide further contextual information. The information is used by the technical engineers to identify opportunities for improvement and adapt the programs to better support their employees, thus having an impact on employee satisfaction.

Project Overview

Direct Opinions helped to reformat the question set to provide more robust insight for each software tool. This survey was then set up as an online survey to provide ease of use for employee participation and to maintain anonymity. Email invitations were sent to over 5,000 employees inviting them to participate in the study. The email contained an individualized link that allowed employees to answer the survey questions online.


Online survey results produced a robust 25% response rate. Direct Opinions analyzed all results and provided satisfaction and trending metrics for each tool along with usage measures and tool preferences as defined by likes and dislikes determined by the employees. Results were also analyzed by job function to identify areas for improvement based upon needs within a business role.