A manufacturing organization engaged Direct Opinions to conduct a Lost/Inactive follow-up survey with prospective customers in situations where a quotation for a product was submitted but the client was not awarded the work.

Project Overview

The goal of the Lost/Inactive Customer survey was to understand better why the client did not earn the business and to use this information to make any necessary changes within the organization to win future business and thus grow the organization. Because the client’s bid process was somewhat complex, management wanted to learn how to improve their operation and sales process.


After review of the survey information collected, it was determined that the number one reason why this customer lost opportunities was because their pricing was too high. In addition, several of their customers commented that they never received a proposal. Another interesting point that surfaced was the fact that several of these opportunities were still “live”– the business had not been awarded yet and was still an open opportunity. Further communication and follow-up on these opportunities could result in a win. It was also determined that there were people who needed a price for budgetary and planning purposes and did not need a full-blown proposal. As a result, internal procedures were improved to provide the client the information that they needed without having to go through a full-blown proposal process. The information learned in the study allowed this manufacturer to improve process and save on time and resources internally.