Because of their diverse customer base, this large retail chain wanted to implement a process that offered various means to provide Customer Feedback. By offering multiple and varied survey response options, they felt they would increase their response rates by allowing their customers to respond through a survey method they are most comfortable with. Their philosophy is that the more customer feedback we get the better we can become.

Project Overview

Direct Opinions implemented a survey and reporting process that incorporates inbound calls, outbound calls, email surveys, social media feedback and periodic random sample surveying of their customer and non-customer database. This approach enables our customer to gather feedback from various viewpoints as well as on various brands and locations. Monthly survey quotas are set for outbound surveys to ensure that a representative sample is completed for each location and each brand every month. The insight gathered in all of the survey initiatives is uploaded into our online reporting tool and alerts are sent to specific management for immediate follow-up with customers that were not satisfied or had outstanding issues.


As a result, this Customer Feedback initiative has been culture changing for this retailer. There is acceptance and involvement with this wide-reaching program at all levels of the organization. Customer satisfaction has increased dramatically because based upon Customer Feedback, this retailer can now provide training that is tailored to meet the specific needs of their diverse customer base providing a greater customer experience.