For a technology company, Direct Opinions conducted a Customer Engagement study to determine if customers are not only satisfied with the products and services received, but to also determine their emotional connection with the company in effort to develop loyal customers who are passionate for their brand.

Project Overview

Specifically, the objectives of the study were to measure overall customer satisfaction with the company, products and services, identify perceived strengths and weaknesses, identify future needs for potential new products and services, and to understand what it would take to turn them into an engaged, loyal customer and grow market share.


After completing over 250 phone surveys, the study revealed what primarily influenced satisfaction through the eyes of the customer focusing specifically on ROI. The results also identified the biggest gap between the perceived importance of an attribute and their satisfaction with it. Attributes that are very important to the customer, but have low satisfaction are opportunities to drive loyalty if resolved to their satisfaction. Of course, as a technology company, new products and services along with ease of use are critical to overall satisfaction and future use by a customer.