In an effort to provide the highest quality products and services, a large auto service organization wanted to ensure the quality and satisfaction of specific products, by brand type, that were sold and installed on customer vehicles. In an effort to achieve this, they wished to conduct an evaluation by surveying customers’ post-product installation to gauge satisfaction and ensure quality.

Project Overview

To ensure that a significant response was obtained, this survey was conducted with customers over the span of twelve months. The phone survey itself was conducted six weeks after the installation to give the customer an opportunity to drive their vehicle and identify if there were any issues with the product or installation.


The organization’s goal was to establish benchmark satisfaction levels by product and brand type. Any brand that fell short of the established satisfaction levels were followed up with by the organization to establish action and improvement plans. Customers that experienced product issues were followed up with directly by management to help resolve the situation. Direct Opinions collaborated with our client to devise the survey instrument and created an on-line reporting tool for easy access and tracking of customer issues, and to evaluate satisfaction levels by product and brand.