A worldwide manufacturer of products for residential, commercial construction and industrial markets wished to conduct a brand awareness survey to establish a baseline platform to measure where the company’s brand perception was currently among key market segments and where it needs to be in the future relative to its brand positioning.

Project Overview

A random-sample telephone survey methodology was used as the data-gathering tool for this study. Direct Opinions’ interviewers placed calls to commercial, residential and DIY consumers and completed over 500 surveys. The survey instrument consisted of approximately 35 questions, most of which were closed-ended. The survey did incorporate several open-ended questions for more in-depth feedback.


As the foundation for this brand awareness survey, the first question evaluated top of mind (1st Response), unaided awareness for this organization and its’ key competitors. Another goal of the survey was to conduct a brand/price study determining what key constituents would pay for various products and brands and to gain insight on the perception of the company’s products, quality, price, service, and delivery, packaging and sales process.

This initiative was developed to accommodate for future benchmarking purposes so that the company can consistently evaluate and measure shifts in brand awareness from year to year. The information gathered in the study was used to develop and prioritize product marketing strategies and to develop and execute a brand strategy