Employee Driven Insights

Experiences of employees and customers are equally important. 

Employees are the beating heart of every organization.

When a business is lucky enough to have employees who are truly vested in helping reach the organization’s goals, it is much more likely to find success. Employee engagement is used to describe the relationships between employees and their employer. An “engaged” employee is fully committed to the organization and whose personal values match the values of the organization.

Employee engagement has a direct correlation to ROI. 

When employee engagement decreases, an organization can expect higher turnover, increased hiring and training costs, more absences, and lower customer satisfaction.  All of these lead to a decline in financial performance. If employees no longer feel committed to the company’s mission, the company’s potential growth is put in jeopardy.

Direct Opinions uniquely analyzes experience data from both customers and employees by comparing and contrasting results to determine how customer issues are being perceived by employees and what can be done to improve the situation on both ends of the interaction. Chances are, when a customer has a problem, employees know where the breakdown in the operation is coming from.