Data Driven Insights

Confirmation or Transformation?

Customers are the growth engine of every company. 

So, for those companies that believe they will achieve their goals by providing a customer experience that stands out in their industry, focusing on continuously improving their experience is critical. 

Measuring the experiences of both customers and employees, and receiving feedback, is only half of the solution. Actually building that customer and employee feedback into your business strategy will give you the full benefit of your efforts, enabling you to drive maximum results. Without it, all you have is a score.

What’s at risk if you don’t take it beyond the score? Your future revenue stream and ultimately, your growth.

Direct Opinions supports leaders who are charged with driving profitability, helping them operationalize the customer and employee feedback we gather, to drive improvements that result in increased loyalty and retention. 

Utilizing our proprietary methodology, we are unique in that we deploy insights from both customers and employees across the entire organization, adding value to each business unit and giving visibility to key touch points across the customers’ journey. We help our clients understand specifically what they need to do to grow their business, using an innovative methodology that connects key insights across organizational silos.