About Us

Direct Opinions is a full-service market research firm, specializing in customer and employee experience solutions, helping our clients link behaviors to quantifiable profitability by connecting the dots between NPS®, VOC and CX to ROI. We have over 35+ years of experience in research design and implementation for B2B and B2C companies in a wide range of industries that include: Advertising, Automotive, Business Services, Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Technology.

There is an art and a science to designing a solution that goes beyond providing a score to deliver improvement and growth for an organization. Banking on our 35+ years of experience, our clients rely on us to help them achieve their goals in the most effective and efficient way. We guide our clients by knowing what works, what doesn’t work and most importantly, why.

Our research expertise includes complete study design, data collection and analytics. Our online reporting platform enables our customers to transform feedback and trends into opportunity and solutions. With expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection, we are well equipped to design the most effective solution to provide actionable insights, not just data.

Our proprietary methodology is designed to deliver quantifiable outcomes that create value, accelerate growth, and deliver ROI for the business and customers. We help prioritize and operationalize customer experience insights that will move the needle to drive loyalty and accelerate quantifiable returns. We gather intel that can create opportunity, reduce vulnerabilities & mitigate exposure to potential threats.

"Our partnership is an extension of your business. We are focused on operational excellence and results, leveraging best practices to achieve goals. With one partner, co-owning all CX solution services, we help you move the needle to drive profitable business outcomes.”

Darlene Campagna Direct Opinions

Darlene 56-1


With two PhD Research Advisors on our team, we uniquely combine academic and real-world experiences. Our expertise in a broad range of industries and research best practices deliver customized solutions including:

  • Net Promoter expertise and consulting
  • 12+ years experience uncovering behaviors that drive retention and loyalty
  • Independent partner providing unbiased data to drive initiatives
  • Vizion360XM Reporting Platform for service recovery and KPI tracking
  • Proprietary methodology to use CX data to increase sales and profitability





  • We act with integrity always, adhering to moral and ethical principles.

  • We demonstrate a fanatical commitment to serve our customers.

  • We foster an environment of honesty and openness always.

  • We act expediently to deliver perfect work that enables our clients to act with confidence.

  • We cultivate passionate enthusiasm and creativity in the work we do.

  • We are committed to innovation and continuous improvement that drives competitive advantage and technological superiority.