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Another tool for measuring patient care and satisfaction, and for building stronger relationships between patient and doctor, is the Physician Satisfaction Survey. This survey polls your facility's patients to determine if your physicians are meeting your standards in terms of care level and skill. With this feedback you can determine if your patients are getting the attention and information they need, are comfortable with your physicians and trust them with their care.

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  • Physician Satisfaction Survey

    Today medical professionals are being asked to control and reduce costs while maintaining the same level of patient care. Many hospitals now outsource emergency room staffing in an attempt to keep costs in check. Although this strategy can lead to significant savings, monitoring and evaluating patient care provided by outsourced physicians can present challenges for healthcare administrators.

    A physician satisfaction survey offers the means to ensure outsourced physicians are providing a level of patient care that is consistent with hospital standards. Physician satisfaction surveys are also used by staffing companies as a quality control measure to document the efforts of doctors working for them. A physician satisfaction survey can answer questions such as:

    • Did the attending physician spend enough time with the patient to understand the chief complaint?
    • Did the doctor adequately explain all available treatment options?
    • Was the patient follow-up procedure described to the patient's satisfaction?
    • What was the patient's overall impression of the care provided by physician?

    Satisfied patients are key to the referrals needed in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing healthcare market. A well-implemented physician satisfaction survey can provide actionable data that is vital to a healthy, growing practice or medical facility.

    At Direct Opinions, each physician satisfaction survey is tailored to your specific information objectives. Want to learn more? Read on for more information about our methodologies, solutions, and case studies. Or contact us for a quote on a physician satisfaction survey.

  • Physician Satisfaction Survey Methodologies

    Your patients' trust in their physicians is essential to the survival of your healthcare facility, but choosing among the many ways to collect that kind of information can be bewildering. The success or failure of surveying patients relies on knowing not only which questions to ask, but which survey strategy is best given your unique situation. We have the comprehensive business experience that is essential to recommend the right survey and to best determine how satisfied your patients are with your physicians and the care they provide.

    Here are six important factors to consider as you develop a methodology for your physician satisfaction surveys:

    Who should you survey and how many surveys should you conduct? What age groups, facilities, departments, or medical services, do you want to gather opinions on? If you are researching healthcare topics, for example, the outlook of the retired set will be much different from that of young parents. And how large of a sample size do you need to get an accurate picture of each group?

    How should you contact people? Physician satisfaction studies are commonly conducted using face-to-face interviews or via phone, mail, or online surveys. Face-to-face interviewing can be expensive to conduct, often including travel expenses and fees or perks for patient participation. Online surveys limit the participation of older adults, however, and mail surveys generally produce a poorer response rate. For these reasons, and because we believe it gets directly to the voice of your patient, our preferred method is telephone surveys. The personal interaction provides a special touch that can separate you from your competition and generates the highest level of patient relationship insight in a timely manner. Telephone surveys provide the opportunity to have a conversation with people versus simply conducting a survey.

    Are you looking for feedback and ideas, or measurable data? Qualitative surveys tend to be used to collect more in-depth thoughts and ideas about your products, services, and presence in the marketplace. These types of surveys, which are directed at smaller numbers of people, feature open-ended questions and are typically conducted in a focus group format. Quantitative surveys gather information from larger groups, giving you perspective, benchmarks and direction for measurement of the topics you are interested in. Direct Opinions will recommend the best methodology based upon your information objectives. Have confidence knowing that the right approach will be developed for you by professionals who understand research and who will appropriately administer survey initiatives to deliver meaningful and actionable results.

    When and how often should you conduct a physician satisfaction survey? Each time a patient visits your facility? Once a year, to get an overall idea of the status of your relationship with your patients? When a new physician is hired?

    What exactly do you want the survey to accomplish? Your survey of physician satisfaction should produce data you can take action on -- whether it's knowing who to promote, what department to expand, or determining what operational process to fix that will have the most positive impact on your patients. We have extensive experience providing concise and comprehensive analytics and can help you create a survey solution that will reveal patterns from which you can develop strategy and recommendations to drive patient loyalty and increase your profits.

    Which type of physician satisfaction survey should you use and how should the questionnaire be designed? Understanding the objectives of your physician satisfaction study and how the information will be used by your company allows us to better help you design the best survey methodology, and ensure that your information objectives are achieved. We can assist you in determining the ideal length, question order, and rating scales for the questionnaire, and in phrasing questions that will generate responses that translate into actionable reporting and analysis.

    At Direct Opinions we tailor each physician satisfaction survey to your information objectives and use custom, not canned, survey solutions that accurately capture the voice of your patient. The results of your survey will provide data that will help your business grow.

  • Physician Satisfaction

    Background: A physician practice management group that wants to maintain its' focus on providing highly competent patient care retained Direct Opinions to gather information about their patients' attitudes, perceptions and experience in order to help the organization to maintain quality and continue its pattern of growth.

    Project Overview: The primary goal of conducting a Physician Satisfaction survey is to gather patients' opinions about their healthcare experience in an effort to strengthen the quality of physician services and improve the level of care received. Direct Opinions conducts phone-based Physician Satisfaction surveys on a monthly basis with a representative number of patients for each physician.

    Results: The survey focuses on measuring patient satisfaction with the physician but also identifies perceived strengths and weaknesses in the overall patient experience. The survey analyzes demographic and classification data to better understand the variances in needs and attitudes among the various patients. Results from the survey are utilized to ensure that the group is aligned with the most effective physicians possible and to drive immediate and long-term plans and initiatives for making positive change and leveraging the organization's strengths. The results of the study also provide ongoing tracking measurement to gain insight into the marketplace as the economy, organization and patient needs evolve.

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