Customer Satisfaction Surveys for the Pharmaceutical Industry

A leading supplier of software and hardware for the pharmaceutical industry wanted to evaluate their Account Management process to determine customer perceptions of their recently reorganized customer account management process.  The client engaged Direct Opinions to conduct a customer satisfaction survey, hoping to determine  awareness of their new account managers and satisfaction with the frequency and content of customer touch points.  The survey was designed to answer such questions as “Are we contacting you?  Are we providing the appropriate information to you?  Do you even know who your account manager is?”

The Account Management assessment of customer perceptions as communicated to the executive team was totally wrong.  Customers had no idea who their account managers were.  They felt they were not being contacted frequently enough or at all in some cases.  Previous customer feedback surveys clearly indicated that customer loyalty had decreased significantly over the past year and the results of this study clearly validated why loyalty had decreased as significantly as it did.  These survey results were instrumental in gaining buy-in to revamp their account management processes and the client plans to conduct a follow-up survey in one year to gauge the effectiveness of their recent changes.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys From A Survey Company That Understands The Pharmaceutical Industry….

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