Automotive Service Follow-Up Surveys: Midas / Monro Case Study


Midas is one of the world’s largest providers of automotive service, including brake, maintenance, tires, steering, suspension, and exhaust services with more than 1,600 franchised and company-owned Midas locations in the United States and Canada.


Automotive related industries are highly competitive. Car dealers, muffler shops and brake specialists must provide top-notch service to distinguish themselves from the large number of competitors in their industry. Additionally, they must provide consistent service across all locations to ensure positive word-of-mouth advertising. The challenge these companies face is how to objectively monitor the customer experience.


Several prominent automotive service providers, and hundreds of automobile dealers have turned to Direct Opinions to contact their customers following the servicing of a vehicle. Issues uncovered during the survey are immediately escalated for review and follow-up so that any customer dissatisfaction can be resolved.

Direct Opinions conducts satisfaction follow-up surveys with customers of major national chains for over 2,000 locations and provides these organizations with reports that allow them to trend internal results, benchmark locations within their chains, and take steps to improve underperforming stores or operations.

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