Employee Engagement Research: DIY or Get Help?

Employee Engagement Research

There are many reasons companies choose to outsource certain projects, but there isn’t much agreement on whether outsourcing is appropriate for each given circumstance. It depends on their individual company, with their own unique list of pros and cons. Some arguments supporting outsourcing include cost savings, better expertise, and freeing up capabilities internally to focus on more important tasks¹. Restructuring, rapid growth or decline, downsizing, increased competition, and globalization are also reasons for outsourcing². The decision to outsource a project needs to be made at the individual company level. Continue reading

Telephone Surveys Have Stabilized

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A new study from Pew Research Center suggests that, after decades of consistent decline, U.S. telephone survey response rates have plateaued over the past four years. And despite the overall decrease, the fact that response rates have stabilized show that telephone polls still provide accurate data on a wide range of social, demographic and political variables and are worth your time.  When you are calling to gain customer input, it is a very different experience than when organizations are calling to make a sale.  Customers typically want to share their thoughts about their experiences with organizations and so they appreciate the personal touch of a phone call.

Continue reading

4 Ways to Improve Your Business and Compete With Large Corporations

Competitive Intelligence program

If you’re running a small business, it can be extremely difficult to compete with larger companies. Because you don’t have as gigantic a budget as these larger organizations, you’ll have to find other ways to stand out and succeed as a business rather than just throwing millions into advertising budgets and product development.

The best way for your company to stand out against these multi-million dollar organizations? Focus on the most fundamental aspect of your business: The customer experience. If you’re trying to get back to basics, here are a few ways to help improve the way your company treats its customers. Continue reading

3 Catastrophic Flaws in Employee Surveys

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I just had an interesting conversation with a senior leader from a Fortune 500 organization. “Jane” was describing her frustration with her company’s employee survey process. Unfortunately, the issues she brought to light I have heard countless times over, and they seem to be getting worse in our zeal to understand the employee experience. Here are 3 flaws uncovered in my conversation with Jane: Continue reading

3 Employee Survey Tips to Eliminate Ethics Reports

Employee Survey

In today’s uncertain business climate, ethics and compliance reporting is on the rise. Uncertainty can result from new business developments, business mergers, economic decline and legislation changes. All of these changes can affect an employee’s benefits package, salary and overall engagement in the company, and lead them to scrutinize company practices, resulting in complaints. How do you manage your employees in times of uncertainty and reassure them that their best interest is in mind? Continue reading

Importance of Staying On Your Customers’ Good Side

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When running a business, there are many things that you need to consider. You have to focus on your actual product or service and make sure everything is working properly, you have to make sure your employees are taken care of, finances are in order, and you’re following all the legal regulations associated with whatever industry you’re in. The most important factor of running a business, however, is ensuring that your customers are happy. Continue reading

Pearson’s Law: The #1 Tip for Improving Customer Satisfaction

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No matter what industry you’re in, how big or small your company is, or what product or service you’re offering, at times it can be difficult. You have to focus on so many different things in order to run a successful company for an extended period of time, including quality assurance, payroll, keeping your employees happy, financing, and so much more. The most important aspect of business, however, that can easily make or break any company at any moment, is customer satisfaction. Continue reading

The Recent Decline in Employee Engagement and What To Do About it

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Employees are the beating heart of any organization. When a business is lucky enough to have employees who are truly vested in helping reach the organization’s goals, it is much more likely to find success. Employee Engagement is used to describe the relationships between employees and their employer. An “engaged” employee is fully committed to the organization and whose personal values match the values of the organization…. Continue reading

Ways to Inspire Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

For any business, no matter the industry, employees are the beating heart of the organization. When a business is lucky enough to have employees who sincerely care about the organization’s goals and potential success, they are much more likely to find success. Employee Engagement is used to describe the interaction or relationship between an employee and their employer/organization. An “engaged” employee is one who is fully committed to the organization’s goals and their personal values correlate to the values of the organization… An employee who is motivated to contribute to the organization’s success while also maintaining their own sense of well-being. Employee engagement has a direct correlation to ROI,so when HR Dive reported last month that employee engagement declined for the first time since 2012, it was something that caught our attention. Continue reading

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