Client Win/Loss Insights


Are you rolling the dice with your sales efforts?

There are many reasons your clients might leave your business for a competitor, or your prospects might not choose your company as their provider. Understanding why you earn business from your existing clients is critical to retaining them…and gaining new ones.

Accessing this information is difficult when you are the winner or loser, but a non-biased third party like Direct Opinions can provide the unique insight to understand why you won or lost those clients.

  • Gain credible insights.
    Many departments are involved in client relationships, but third party data is neutral.
  • Preserve relationships.
    Some clients do not want to share feedback directly and risk damaging connections.
  • Maintain compliance.
    Some Purchasing departments forbid direct feedback to vendors but not to third parties.
  • Prioritize business initiatives.
    Actionable insights from clients both won and lost provides unique opportunities.