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We've used our decades of auto industry experience to develop a follow-up survey specifically designed for the automotive service market. With the Automotive Service Follow-up Survey, you'll have ready access to survey results almost immediately after they are received. The data provides a clear view of potential issues with various locations and staff, so that you can deal with customer complaints before they grow into grudges.

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  • Automotive Service Follow-up Survey

    With automotive manufacturers increasingly focused on top-level dealer service, you can't afford not to know what your customers think about their experiences. Direct Opinions has been conducting surveys for the automotive industry since 1983 and guarantee compliance with the customer contact requirements of all manufacturers' programs. We offer programs that measure customer satisfaction index (CSI) levels for both service and sales customers.

    Our auto service / sales follow-up surveys let your customers know you value their business and their feedback, and allow you to address potential problems before they grow -- if we learn of any concerns as we conduct a survey, we'll notify you the next business day. Because our interviewers are unbiased third parties and remain neutral regardless of the answers, your customers are more willing to discuss issues with us than with your employees.

    What can you expect from an auto dealer follow-up survey?

    • Immediate notification of any customer concerns
    • Delivery of survey results the next business day after contact
    • A customized online reporting system that allows you to view results daily
    • Survey data that is sortable by store location and individual employees
    • Call recordings for each completed survey, posted online

    At Direct Opinions, each auto sales/service follow-up survey is tailored to your specific information objectives. Want to learn more? Read on for more information about our methodologies, solutions, and case studies. Or contact us for a quote on an auto service follow-up survey.

  • Automotive Service Follow-up Survey Methodologies

    Do you know what it will take to gain the loyalty of your customers? The easiest, most affordable way to build customer loyalty is to satisfy the customer. Not often an easy task to accomplish in an industry where the definition of "satisfied" can change with each customer. Direct Opinions has been conducting surveys for auto and tire service centers since 1983. Our service follow-up surveys are designed for the specific needs of automotive service centers. Our surveys not only identify key drivers of satisfaction and value, but also identify customer concerns that need immediate follow-up. We have the comprehensive business experience that is essential to recommend the best way to determine how satisfied your automotive customers are with your service centers' staff and services.

    Here are six important factors to consider as you develop a methodology for your automotive service follow-up surveys:

    Who should you survey and how many surveys should you conduct? What age groups, genders, store locations, employees, or services do you want to gather opinions on? Does customer satisfaction vary between new and returning customers? What is the biggest reason customers no longer come back? How large of a sample size do you need to get an accurate picture of each group?

    How should you contact people? Automotive service follow-up studies are commonly conducted using face-to-face interviews or via phone, mail, or online surveys. Face-to-face interviewing can be expensive to conduct, often including travel expenses and fees or perks for customer participation. Online surveys limit the participation of older adults, however, and mail surveys generally produce a poorer response rate. For these reasons, and because we believe it gets directly to the voice of your customer, our preferred method is telephone surveys. The personal interaction provides a special touch that can separate you from your competition and generates the highest level of customer relationship insight in a timely manner. Telephone surveys provide the opportunity to have a conversation with people versus simply conducting a survey.

    Are you looking for feedback and ideas, or measurable data? Qualitative surveys tend to be used to collect more in-depth thoughts and ideas about your products, services, and presence in the marketplace. These types of surveys, which are directed at smaller numbers of people, feature open-ended questions and are typically conducted in a focus group format. Quantitative surveys gather information from larger groups, giving you perspective, benchmarks and direction for measurement of the topics you are interested in. Direct Opinions will recommend the best methodology based upon your information objectives. Have confidence knowing that the right approach will be developed for you by professionals who understand research and who will appropriately administer survey initiatives to deliver meaningful and actionable results.

    When and how often should you conduct an automotive service follow-up survey? After a customer utilizes a service the first time, or with each service use? Annually, for all customers who have had service in the previous year? Do you focus on customers who have reported dissatisfaction with service they received in the past? When a customer hasn't returned for a lengthy period of time?

    What exactly do you want the survey to accomplish? Your automotive service follow-up survey should produce data you can take action on -- whether it's knowing who to promote, what department to expand, or determining what operational process to fix that will have the most positive impact on your customer base. We have extensive experience providing concise and comprehensive analytics and can help you create a survey solution that will reveal patterns from which you can develop strategy and recommendations to drive customer loyalty and increase your profits.

    Which type of automotive service follow-up survey should you use and how should the questionnaire be designed? Understanding the objectives of your automotive service follow-up study and how the information will be used by your company allows us to better help you design the best survey methodology, and ensure that your information objectives are achieved. We can assist you in determining the ideal length, question order, and rating scales for the questionnaire, and in phrasing questions that will generate responses that translate into actionable reporting and analysis.

    At Direct Opinions we tailor each automotive service follow-up survey to your information objectives and use custom, not canned, survey solutions that accurately capture the voice of your customer. The results of your survey will provide data that will help your business grow.

  • Auto Service & Maintenance Follow-Up

    Background: A prominent nationwide chain of automotive repair centers contacted Direct Opinions to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. The client's repair centers stock thousands of auto parts for various makes, models, and years of customer vehicles. In an effort to monitor and improve satisfaction with key services within their organization and as a means of evaluating and maintaining product quality standards on an ongoing basis, the client has set a standard "minimum" threshold or satisfaction goal for specific services and related products.

    Project Overview: In order to gauge customer satisfaction, Direct Opinions conducted phone surveys after installation and repair with a representative group of customers who purchased specific products. Dissatisfied customers were asked follow-up questions to identify potential issues. Managers then followed-up with unsatisfied customers and steps were taken to resolve the problem.

    Results: In some cases, certain aspects of the transaction caused dissatisfaction, prompting the client's management team to look closely at corporate practices and procedures. In other instances, customers felt they were treated fairly and equitably, but poor quality replacement parts were the source of the problem. This data was collected and shared with the vendors responsible for manufacture of the poorly performing products.

    Although this project initially started as a means to evaluate customer satisfaction with specific brands, it evolved into an ongoing project that sought to monitor specific company performance standards. The client used telephone based survey data to establish a performance/satisfaction metric and then measure customer satisfaction against this index over time. The ongoing nature of the customer satisfaction surveys also drove development of an online reporting tool created for the client. This new online reporting tool was branded with the client's corporate colors/logo, and offered a number of benefits including the ability to review individual survey responses on demand, a dashboard view that allows management to assess satisfaction metric with monthly and quarterly scoring comparisons, reports that can be filtered by product or brand type and concern alert resolution tracking for customers that expressed issues.

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